20/20 Vision Dreams

by Garnet Thompson​

20/20 Vision Dreams


On vacation from work, Garnet Thompson had his kids write down some dreams for the week he’d be spending at home. Like any child would, they eagerly listed every wish that entered their minds and over the next few days, Thompson showed them that dreams could come true. This now-annual activity drove him to develop 20/20 Vision Dreams, an interactive book and journal on opening yourself up to dreams and pursuing them with persistence and focus even when the seas turn rough.
Through personal stories, Thompson shows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to living a life of dream-fulfillment.
You’ll identify fears and habits that hold you back and you’ll toss them overboard, clearing space for the people and attitudes that lead you to your goals. After recognizing your support network and all that you have to offer the world, you’ll be ready to build your list of 100 dreams and take action to see them through.

For the youthful of age or heart, 20/20 Vision Dreams encourages you to dream big and often. It kindly helps you face how you hold yourself back and guides you into persistence and achievement, always daring you to dream.

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