20/20 Vision Dreams

On vacation from work, Garnet Thompson had his kids write down some dreams for the week he’d be spending at home. Like any child would, they eagerly listed every wish that entered their minds and over the next few days, Thompson showed them that dreams could come true…

Today is “bring your child to work” day and Logan gets to go with his mom to her jobsite. Logan’s mom is a bricklayer. Her coworker, Aidan, frowns when he works, but Logan’s mom smiles and whistles.

Have you ever thought back to a time in your life and wondered why you did something? Or perhaps, why you didn’t do something?

If your reflection could speak, what would it say?

We can’t go back in time, but we can peer through the looking glass, learn from our experiences and improve our quality of life.


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by Garnet Thompson​

Garnet Thompson​

Garnet Sheen Anthony Thompson was born in Jamaica and raised from birth by his maternal grandparents. Between the ages of 9 to 14 he lived with several different family units consisting of extended relatives and friends (including the Minister of a Church and his family); while his grandparents immigrated to Canada to establish new roots…

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Do you know how some people are often confused about the next steps to achieve their dreams & goals, and they never get started?

Well, my name is Garnet Thompson (aka GT), and I’m the author of the book 20/20 Vision Dreams. I help people to transform the visions in their mind into actionable steps. I help individuals to destroy their current way of thinking, become crystal clear, and make substantial progress towards their goals.

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